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Infographics are great visual tools for communicating large amounts of data. Breaking down large amounts of abstract data, they place the information in context and transform it into tangible and useful knowledge. In this Illustrator tutorial we’re going to learn how to translate abstract data into a 3D, easy-to-understand illustration.

3D Infographics

Using the Symbolism Tools, plus a bit of Gradient Mesh, learn to make a realistic window covered with raindrops. This is an advanced tutorial that assumes a fair amount of Illustrator experience, but everyone should be able to follow along. It can be done with earlier versions of Illustrator, but takes full advantage of newer features in CS4. Let’s get started!

Rainy Window Wallpaper

Learn how to create a colorful scene in Illustrator, you’ll learn some great techniques that you can use to make web mascots or any vector image. This tutorial will show you the whole process from sketching to linework to coloring. It also includes some helpful tips on how to prepare your work for stock image sites. Enjoy!

Colorful Scene Illustration
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